What people are saying about us!

Pseudonyms used for reasons of privacy.

“I must say that GARSI has a really great service. I have had very pleasant experience with GARSI. I had heard that finding a right surrogate is very hard, and even after finding a surrogate there are too many complicated things that I might face and deal with. However, I could successfully find a gestational carrier who is now carrying my baby thanks to GARSI. Everything has been going well. Although the carrier and I live in different countries, we have had great communications with GARSI agents. The staffs have been helpful in many ways. The carrier and I am very happy.”

Mr. Ma and Mrs. Lin from Beijing, China
Fresh donor eggs cycle with PGS and US surrogacy in the U.S.
“I would like to thank you. I appreciate that you tried to accommodate my requests so that I could donate as smoothly as possible. I also thank you for responding anytime whenever I have questions or need to talk while undergoing my cycle. I would like to donate again with GARSI if I have a chance in the future. Thank you for your help, support and kindness.”

Gina in Los Angeles, California
“I was satisfied with services provided by GARSI. I have full time work, and it was not for me easy to fly to the US for treatment. I was tried and nervous. I was also very stressed out due to my work and previously cancelled cycle. But everything went well in the end. A staff from GARSI welcomed me at the airport. She accompanied me all the time until I left San Diego. She made me feel comfortable and relieved through my treatment. I really enjoyed my stay in San Diego. I appreciate your kind care.”

Ms. Yang from Hong Kong
Egg Freezing in the States
“We are very thankful to GARSI. GARSI arranged everything for us from travel schedule to my appointments in the States. Accommodation was very nice and clean. Chinese speaking agent was there for us all the time. Although we do not speak English, we did not have any problem at all. We were welcomed at the airport. The agent picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel. We truly appreciated very generous and professional service. We felt very comfortable while we were staying in the States. I will definitely recommend my friends to work with GARSI for their infertility treatment.”

Mr. Liu and Mrs. Li from Beijing, China
Fresh donor eggs cycle with PGS and US surrogacy in the U.S.
“Everything was well arranged. GARSI helped me find nice accommodation in San Diego so I can comfortably stay until I finish quite long IVF cycles. There was an agent just for me who can helped me anytime as I do not speak English and do not drive. The staff was a great help. I had a good time in San Diego while undergoing IVF treatments.”

Mrs. Ying and Mr. Mao from Beijing, China
IVF cycles with PGS in the States
Above all, I would like to say I really appreciate of all help and support. I was a bit nervous and worried as it was my first time to try IVF cycle, and also my first time to go through a procedure outside of China. Staffs from GARSI made me relieved and assisted me from the beginning to the end. They were there all the time whenever I need something or I have questions. It was great that the team greeted me and accompanied me whenever I visited Macau. With all this great help, I am now pregnant, and expect to see my baby end of this year.

Mr. Yang and Mrs. Liu from Shanghai, China
Conventional IVF with PGS in Macau

“Thank you very much for taking care of it. Thank you so much for being so helpful and thoughtful all the time. It was my pleasure to work with you on the entire process. It is very kind of you arranging everything for me.”

Yuan in San Diego, California
The team helped us through our whole process of having a baby. We did IVF cycle and embryo transfer in Macau. We flew to San Diego with our family members in October to prepare for our baby’s birth in the U.S. Appointments with a doctor were well arranged in advance. The house where my family stayed was prepared from bedrooms, bathrooms, living room to kitchen in nice and safe neighborhood. Our baby was born end of December 2016. We were well taken care by your team from the moment we arrive in San Diego airport and to the moment we leave for China. We really appreciate it. Thanks for your gift, care and help.

Mr. Yang and Mrs. Liu from Shanghai, China
Birth in the U.S.
“The Hong Kong IVF Clinic was great , all the staffs were friendly and professional.”

Jiayi from Bejing, China
Conventional IVF in Hong Kong

We had a great experience. Hong Kong is such a nice place to visit. We can do our IVF cycle treatment, shop and enjoy delicious local food as well. The well-known doctor is professional.

Weici & Weimin from Beijing, China
Conventional IVF and PGS in Hong Kong
“It was my pleasure to be an egg donor and do something worthy. I was happy to be a donor. I could complete donation all thanks to GARSI. I really felt comfortable while going through the whole egg donation procedure thanks to GARSI. Although my English was not fluent, I could finish my donation fully understanding. GARSI coordinators were there for me all the time making the procedure easier for me. I really thank to GARSI. If I decide to donate again, I will definitely work with GARSI again. Thank you so much for your support. I hope you guys are always there to help infertile couples and egg donors.”

Jo in Los Angeles, California
“Thank you so much. I was worried at the beginning.
But I know now there was no reason to be worried or scared.
The whole process went much better than expected.
I really feel good now that I could finished donation.
I know I bothered you a lot. It was my first time to be a donor so I had so many questions, and was also anxious.
I have a full time job. It was not easy for me to manage my schedule. I became sensitive. I am sorry that I gave you a hard time.
I hope the recipients have an adorable baby. I am so proud of myself that I could help them.
I hope I can have another opportunity to help other people.
I do not know how to express my appreciation to you. Thank you so much!”
Anna in Los Angeles, California

“We had been hesitated to do IVF treatment thinking it might go well. But after the meeting with Dr. Xu, we decided to go to Macau and try IVF. The doctor and nurses are professional and very responsible. Whenever we had questions, we could reach them right away. They were there all the time for us. Everything went very well and smoothly. We are now expecting to see our baby early next year! We are so excited. We truly appreciate all the excellent care.”

Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Huo from Nanjing, China
Conventional IVF cycle with PGS in Macau
“I felt everyone at GARSI is very passionate. After I was introduced to the team of GARSI, they all did their best to provide us with good care. Whenever we requested or asked something, they promptly responded day and night. I felt really comfortable while going through IVF cycle in Macau. I felt very relieved that I found GARSI. Thank you very much all.”

Mr. Li and Mrs. Wang from Nanjing, China
IVF cycles with PGS in Macau
“I greatly appreciate your support and continued help for more than a month. It was my first time to take participate in egg donation program. This whole thing was very new to me. I was nervous most of time. I called and sent messages almost every day as I wanted to make sure everything is going well and wanted to feel relieved. Thanks for getting me back day and night and weekdays and weekends! I also felt sorry whenever I bothered you especially on Saturdays and Sundays until I finished egg retrieval procedure. All I want to say is that I truly appreciate your support and kindness. At the beginning, I did not think I would want to do it again but I feel I will probably want to donate one more time as long as you are still there. I am also proud of myself thinking that I took courage and spent a lot of time (especially as I was scared of self-injections, and decided to visit doctor’s office everyday). I am happy the result is good. I wish the couple has an adorable baby in future. Thank you so much ❤”

Yoona in Los Angeles, California
I appreciate you. It was my first egg donation, and I was worried and also a bit nervous. But everything went smoothly. Thanks for your coordination and assistance from my egg donation cycle to my stay in San Diego. I love to work with you again if I have a chance.
Shuang in Los Angeles, California
We can’t thank you enough for helping us every step of the way. We are so grateful that you’ve been so kind and professional in assisting us to achieve our dream of being parents.

Chun from Melbourne, Australia
Fresh donor IVF cycle with PGS in the States
“Thank you for your kindness, attention and all the works. We thank you for keeping us apprised of every step. ”

Bo & Dai from Singapore
Fresh donor IVF cycle with PGS in the States
“Thank you very much for your help. You always answer and help me no matter what time I call you. I hope the FET is successful, and hopefully l can take my child home next year!”

Jiao from Nanjing, China
IVF with sperm donor & U.S. surrogacy