The most prevalent form of assisted reproductive treatment, this involves the introduction of a man’s sperm into a woman’s eggs to be fertilized are in a laboratory dish for fertilization. Fertilized egg(s) are transferred to the woman’s uterus. If there are extra embryos, they can be cryopreserved for future use.

Since the first IVF baby was born in 1978, more than six million IVF babies have been born. IVF is used to treat many causes of infertility. IVF can be used for women with blocked, damaged or absent fallopian tubes, with ovulatory dysfunction, diminished ovarian reserve, with other infertility issues such as genetic disorders. IVF may also be used because of male factor disfunction such as low sperm count and mobility.

A number of people have undergone IVF cycles in the United States and Macau, and many of them start their ovarian stimulation at a local center in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong. We have streamlined IVF cycles to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible.

We have implemented IVF treatment plan combining the United States and Macau. While he served as a president and CEO of a fertility center, he came to realize that it is cumbersome as well as difficult for patients in China to visit the United States for IVF cycle and surrogacy.

Patients can benefit from the most advanced IVF genetic technology without visiting the U.S. Why do we ask them to fly and come all the way to the US?

The core technology for 3rd generation IVF is pre-implantation genetic screening (“PGS”). Patients do egg retrieval and sperm collection in Macau to generate embryos. A single cell from embryos on day 5 or day 6 is removed and sent to a PGS lab in the United States. Once patients receive a PGS result from the lab in the United States, normal embryo(s) is(are) shipped to the United States and transferred to a gestational carrier.

While Patients’ IVF cycle is planned and carefully monitored by a competent physician in Macau, they can benefit from the most advance genetic technology in the United States.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive genetic disease screening which tests more than 300 diseases that you may pass on to your child. This genetic disease screening is offered and performed only in the United States. It is generally recommended for people who are planning a family in the United States.

We have enabled this test to be available for our patients without visiting the United States.

When patients visit Macau for IVF treatment, they are required to collect saliva for the testing. The collected specimen is sent to the United States for testing. This comprehensive genetic disease screening tells you whether you need pre-implantation genetic diagnosis(“PGD”) for single gene defects to prevent transmission of genetic disease.

We are truly pleased that we have enable the most advanced and powerful genetic technologies lead by the United States to available for our patients undergoing IVF cycle in Macau.

Undergo pre-medical screening and testing for both female and male at a local center
Submit pre-screening and testing results with your and your partner's ID
The initial appointment with a physician in Macau or the U.S. is scheduled based on your coming menstrual period.
Consultation with a physician medical screening/testing and treatment plan in Macau or the U.S.
Begin stimulation medications according to the treatment plan
Series of monitoring appointment at a local center according to the treatment plan: it is important for you to get a lab and baseline ultrasound report and send to a nurse on the same day of monitoring.
Final monitoring and trigger shot
Fly to Macau or the U.S for the egg retrieval procedure and sperm collection
Preparation of embryo(s)
A cell from embryos is sent to a PGS lab in the United States
Embryo transfer
Pregnancy test
Pregnancy check
Successful delivery