Women have delayed childbearing to pursue their further education, career and other personal reasons. Women who want to preserver their fertility for the future may benefit from egg freezing. Egg freezing can be beneficial for women who are to undergo treatment such chemotherapy.

Women undergo the process of IVF. They will administer ovarian stimulation medication about 10 to 14 days to stimulate the ovaries and ripen multiple eggs. When the eggs have matured, a needle attached to ultrasound goes into the ovaries through uterus. The retrieved eggs are then immediately frozen. While eggs are frozen using either a slow-freeze method or vitrification, most of clinics use vitrification for egg freezing. Vitrification is a technique which cools at a very fast rate, the tissue is preserved in a galss-like state without formation of damaging ice crystals. Vitrification has better survival rates for eggs than slow-freeze method. When a women is ready to attempt pregnancy, the eggs are thawed, fertilized with a sperm and then transferred to the uterus.