GARSI assists singles and couples in finding right egg donor. We enable clients to browse through our egg donor database to find the most suitable match. We particularly have a rich assortment of Asian egg donors, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Recipients have two options, fresh donor egg cycle and frozen donor egg cycle.

The first pregnancy achieved with donor eggs was reported in 1984. Since that time, egg donation has been increased to help infertile individuals and couples have a baby. Donor eggs are obtained through the process of IVF and donated to recipients. Sperm obtained from the recipient’s partner or a sperm donor is used to fertilize these eggs, and embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus.

Egg donation may be appropriate for women who were born with no ovaries, with poor egg quality, with a diminished ovarian reserve, with ovaries that do not respond to ovulation induction, with serious genetic diseases and with repeated failure of IVF with their own eggs.

Egg donors are screened and tested according to the most recent Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and American Society Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines. In the United States, FDA requires all egg donors to be screened for risk factors, clinical evidence, physical evidence and to be tested for communicable diseases agents and diseases. In addition to this screening and testing, a donor will undergo baseline ultrasound, hormone examination, reproduction testing, carrier screening (genetic diseases), and psychological evaluation to determine the donor’s eligibility.

For donors, it is a great opportunity to help infertile singles and couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Being a donor is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Process for recipient(s)

Contact GARSI to get an access to database
Select donor & complete a payment
Case manager starts coordinating a cycle
Egg donor testing/screening and ovarian stimulation medication starts
Legal clearance
Egg retrieval and fertilization
Embryo transfer

Process for an egg donor

Submit a pre-liminary online application
Get matched with recipients
Undergo medical examination & psychological evaluation
Legal clearance
Begin ovarian stimulation medications
Egg retrieval
Receive a compensation